What You Need to Know About Google Rank Tracker API Regardless if you run an SEO business or own an SEO tools website, an important part of the service that your business provides is tracking and reporting to your customers the Google ranking that they have for their specific keywords. Even though you do have an option to manually do a Google search and browse through the results to look for the ranking of a customer’s website on the Google SERPs, for sure you do not really want to undergo all of these things, because of this, Google rank tracking API was developed. Once you gain access to a rank tracking API, you can already embed a ranking data for keywords or websites in your own applications and the performance indicators that your customers need can be easily provided. In addition, improving your SEO campaigns to obtain optimum results is highly feasible with the help of Google SERP checker API because it is capable of proving you the insights needed for it.
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These days, an up to date and accurate SEO data has a virtually unlimited demand. A few example of those that need these are the affiliate marketers so that they can track the position of their websites, e-commerce sites since they need to monitor the position of their competitor’s products, as well as their own products, and SEO agencies to find out if their SEO campaigns are also effective. Basically, anybody that has an internet presence would want to know the rank of their own websites in Google and the other search engines available. How an API Can Help You The API in this type of scenario is a piece of third-party code that permits an application or a website to receive data and pass parameters as well. As an example, a Google rank checking API will get the keywords that are entered on a particular website and return their current ranking in Google. The Most Important Facts About Google Rank Tracking API A number of various APIs that can be utilized by software and websites can be provided by the best suppliers of SEO tracking APIs. The following are the main types of SEO tracking APIs: Rank Tracking API: An up to date ranking that a particular keyword has in a given location is returned by a rank tracking API. SERP API: SERP API works in a way that it returns the results coming from the search engine for the particular keyword that is entered. Competitor API: Is capable of finding all the data that is relevant to the website of your competitor such as traffic volumes, average time spent on the site, traffic sources, bounce rates and page views per session.