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A Brief History of the Morgan Silver Dollar

The Morgan Silver Dollars are among some of the most popular of the American currency coins series. Though, this was never the case from the beginning. Their extreme popularity with the coin collectors actually came to be in the mid 1970s. The following is a brief and quick review of the history there is with the Morgan Silver Dollar.

History so has it that in the month of February of the year 1878, the Bland-Allison Act came into effect as law. This law mandated the government to make purchases of several million dollars worth of silver in every month and have these coined into silver dollars. The coins were not meant for trade. The main interest in these was to help with the need to help bring some bit of stability in the prices of silver as was the need and interest of the silver miners who were in the Western US.

The coin engraver who was behind the design of the two sides to the coin, the obverse and the reverse of the coin, was the Englishman, George T. Morgan. It was the US Mint in Philadelphia that did the first ever mint of the Morgan Silver Dollars and this was in the year 1878. The Morgan Silver dollars were actually over time produced in a number of mints in the US, precisely five and these all had their mint marks on the coins save for the mint in Philadelphia with the other mints being San Francisco with S as the mint mark, Denver with its mint mark being D, Carson City and its CC mint mark and the New Orleans came with the mint mark O.

However, production of the Morgan Silver Dollar stopped for some time in the year 1904 following the introduction of the Peace Silver Dollar. But as has been mentioned, this was for only for a short while as in the year 1921, the Morgan Silver Dollar was back in production and this was as a result of the popularity that was seen with the Morgan silver dollar.

For those who are as interested in these American currency coins collections, it is important for you to know precisely the particular kinds that will indeed fetch you as much worth and value. This is for the fact that looking at the popularity and widespread adoption of the Morgan silver dollars amongst many and the value as such attached to them, there were some counterfeits that came in from some quarters. This as such makes it important for you to have your coins authenticated by a reputable coin dealer or some other third party grading service.

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