Starting to Drum: Buying that First Drum Set No matter whether we are young or old, we all start to do something specific when we hear our favorite song. We know to start tapping the beat on our legs or on a table. For that reason, one of the most popular instruments that people grow up wanting to play is the drums. Even if you know you’ve got the rhythm, do you know what kind of drum set to buy? It doesn’t have to be complicated, drum set shopping can be a breeze if you walk through a few easy things. The first thing you should pay attention to is always price. Expensive drum sets have their place, but the home of a beginner drummer is not one of them. You are just feeling out drumming, don’t make an ultimate commitment like a pricey drum set. Things happen to drums and cymbals, it’s a rough instrument to play, so you don’t want to use a huge investment of money while you’re still figuring things out when it comes to strength and velocity. An average drum set it easy to find and will be completely satisfactory for anything you would need to do, or any song you would need to practice. Cymbals will be the next item of business. Not all kits come with cymbals, so you may need to purchase your own separately, if all you can find is a kit with the drums included. How thick a cymbal is, is the most important quality of the cymbal you will purchase. If you buy a cymbal that isn’t sturdy, you can easily break it, or bend it to where it doesn’t make the correct sound. While you don’t need the most expensive cymbal, by any means, you do want ones of halfway decent quality.
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The less likely to be sold in a set, but just as important, items are left for the last. Drumming seats are another item that aren’t always included in a drum kit, but in order to play the drums correctly, you’ll need one. If you plan to practice for long periods of time, you will want to be comfortable and you want to bring in your own unique style. And very finally, you absolutely cannot forget the drumsticks, as playing would be impossible without them, and you may need to grab quite a few, as they are prone to breaking.
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It can seem daunting at first, to buy such a large instrumental set, but if taken bit by bit, it can be much simpler to handle. By paying attention to a few key components and getting a good kit right off the bat, that isn’t too expensive, but good enough to last through any beginner snafus, you should be getting to drumming in no time.