The Intellect of a Border Collie

There are so many things you can learn about dogs that a lot of people have not known yet. Aside from being fussy and cute, dogs are very smart. Not so much have been said about border collie, but you should know that this type of dog is actually very smart. In fact, it has been tested and their IQ is just brilliant. That is why this type of dog has gained so much popularity and attention now. If you are going to command or give instructions to this dog, expect that they will easily understand what you are saying. In fact, if you are going to show to them body signs, they can understand right away. They like puzzles and enjoy solving problems. If you want to rest their intellect, go ahead and do so. The truth is that these dogs can stand against whatever trials you give to them.

Border collie simply memorize routes and places. Perhaps the border collie is considered as one of the most skilled and talented breed of dogs in the world. As smart as they are, they can easily figure out how things should be done. They can follow instructions right. That is one of the reasons why a lot of dog trainers like them because they are easy to trained. In case you need help at home, you can trust that border collie can help you with it. Just like other breeds of animals and dogs, the border collie will show you his or her loyalty. Amazingly, border collies are very good helpers especially when it comes down to fixing your car and wrench. The best thing about them is that they know what lights are and can operate them. Aside from being intellectual, border collies are also very exciting to be with. Did you also know that border collie has the ability to open and close windows at home? The craziest thing is for them to open a refrigerator. If you are hungry, you just tell them what snacks to get from it. As a pet owner, don’t also forget to give them the snacks they want for it. When it comes down to taking care or owning a border collie, you must be a good pet owner. If you have plans to buy and own a border collie, you need to make sure that you know how to take care of it well. Brain stimulating activities ar very good for border collie because these activities can boost their intellect and skills. Just like us, social interaction is also necessary for this type of dog. One technique to encourage them to get involved with the activities is to give them some dog treats. Many online shops now sell dog treats for all dog lovers out there.