When it’s time to fence in the yard, there’s a type of wire that’s welded to give it strength and durability. It’s also very strong in that it can keep intruders out of certain areas of the property. It can be used to build a safe area kennel where dogs can run freely inside without the owner fearing they’ll be able to escape. This type of fencing can also be used to keep groundhogs and rabbits out of the garden. The wire is available in various gauges, lengths, widths and heights to support any project a home or business owner is planning.

Strong and Durable

The welded wire purchased for small or large projects is very strong and durable. Gardeners can use it to protect their herb gardens from little critters and every kind of bird, since it can be formed in a square protecting both the top and sides. Others use the wire mesh to outline and define their property or use it to put on top of drains so that large items don’t flow into the drain during a rainy season. Different sizes and gauges of wire are also used in everything from agricultural projects to industrial projects.

Saving Money

Using this type of mesh wire can save time and money in that the homeowner doesn’t always have to put in large fence posts along with a chain link fence. A 28″ x 25″ fence to protect the garden from rabbits will run approximately $12.99. This type of fencing has larger spaces near the top so a person can put their hands inside, while the bottom horizontal spacing gets narrower to keep small animals out.

Protecting Newly Planted Trees

Anyone who’s taken the time to plant an apple or cherry tree may find the bark has been stripped off this delicate young plant. By purchasing the wire mesh product listed above, and circling the little tree with it, will protect it from hungry varmints.

Fencing the Yard

Open fences look very nice around the home, but they still allow animals to enter the yard and destroy gardens, pools, decks and the yard itself. Galvanized, mesh wire that has been welded for strength can be ordered in 24″ x 100′ sizes to span and protect entire areas around the home. This type of material costs approximately $90, and many companies ship free.