How to Overcome the Loss of a Loved One Many people treat grief and loss differently. If you don’t know what you are experiencing at this time; you will not be able to deal with it properly. This can be seen in the life of Ami Shroyer. She is a prominent personality in the Christian entertainment scene who lost her husband. Most of us suffer great losses, but we rarely are prepared to deal with the loss and its accompanying grief. It is important to understand the process. Everything that happens in a Christian’s life is understood to come from God. When such terrible times come, it is important to remember that God is in control of everything, and what is happening is His will. They believe that it was not by chance for it to occur. There is relief in talking to other people. When you say what you are going through, your mind put things in perspective. Some people resort to displays of bravery and calm during such times. This is not recommended. Only through grieving will you get to the stage of recovery. It is not wise to live with so much stress from the grief. Grief has certain steps which ensure it is handled properly. Neglecting what is happening, or being too busy to deal only makes it take more time. It will be good for your body not to have to start such a process all over again. It will not be effective if the process is sped up. There is a specific time line to it. There is danger in allowing it to proceed for too long. Recovery may prove impossible. If it proves too much to handle, ask for expert assistance. You can opt to join a grief support group. Being around people who know what it means to lose a loved one is therapeutic.
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Taking time from your usual surroundings and immersing yourself in other activities and people is great too. It will be great to think of other things apart from pain and sadness, by instead thinking of some fun things to do.
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Have an accountability partner, to make sure you are not heading down the wrong path as you attempt to get back to normalcy after the grief is over. This person will ensure you are doing fine, despite the pain. To help break it down, and not get pushed too far by thoughts of tomorrow, practice taking it day by day. There is no need to bear so much anxiety at this stage in life. By dealing with the current issue, you will be best placed to handle future challenges. Some days may not go as planned. Expect this to happen. That is part of the process. This too shall pass. Try and allow other areas of your life to keep progressing. While you are dealing with the loss, remember that your attention is still needed elsewhere.