Many people love dogs and cats, and some turn that passion into careers and more. As those who follow on Twitter will see, for example, a company named NuVet has been serving pets and their owners for decades. With a recent update there detailing how the business has supported animal shelters over the years, it is clear that running a pet supplement company does not need to mean that the good deeds end when it is time to clock out.

Decades Spent Supporting Pets and Those Who Care About Them

More than three million dogs and cats find their ways from local shelters into the homes of new owners each and every year, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. While these thousands of operations nationwide do important work, access to the resources they need to continue it cannot always be guaranteed.

People who adopt pets from shelters are often encouraged to make donations or pay fees that help defray the costs associated with operation. In many cases, however, even a slight hike in these rates will lead to more animals being forced to wait for new owners or worse.

Founded by a lover of dogs and cats who seeks out similarly minded employees, NuVet is a highly regarded manufacturer of nutritional supplements. In addition to supporting pets in this important way, the company has also over the last twenty years regularly sent significant donations to animal shelters nationwide. By providing the financial support that is so difficult to come by, it has helped ensure that more pets will get a chance to end up in happy homes for life.

A Business’s Mission Can Be Carried Out in Many Significant Ways

Whereas day to day work at the company might rightly focus on the supplement formulations and sales that keep it afloat, this is therefore not the only way by which it pursues its basic mission. With a deep, genuine desire to help and support dogs and cats having motivated its founding in the first place, charitable work like this can seen as every bit as important. For those who find ways of pursuing their own passions in professional fashion, opportunities like these can be some of the most rewarding of all.