Physical retail stores and other businesses are struggling to stay open. People are skipping the stores and purchasing what they want and need online. The convenience fits well into hectic schedules. Both parents are working and attempting to get the kids to little league practice, art classes, or Karate lessons. There is barely time to sit down to dinner, let alone go out shopping.

Be Visible

Local businesses that participate in community events will remain visible and be able to capture the attention of hundreds of potential customers. Sponsor a little league team. The investment will be minimal and the return will be high. Imagine the business logo on the hats, sleeves and back of the uniforms worn by every member of the team, as well as the coach.

Parents and grandparents will attend games and will be impressed by the all the businesses that sponsor the kids. They may even want to purchase a ball cap or car window decal to support the team. The business logo will be included in merchandise as a team sponsor. The logo and name is visible everywhere.


If sponsoring a local team is out of the financial reach of the business, there are more cost-effective ways to participate in the community. Find out the cost of advertising at the soccer or baseball field. A colorful sign hanging from the fence behind second base will definitely get noticed. Announcers will suggest those in attendance patronize the local businesses that are dedicated to the community.

Provide the middle school with a display booth for carnivals, festivals, and fairs. Students and parents can use it to have a bake sale, sell raffle or booster tickets for a class trip or the band, and introduce new programs offered for adult education classes. Booths are inexpensive and can include the business name or logo along with the school name.

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