The responsibility of caring for livestock is made easier by the little things done to protect and preserve their overall health. Below are five easy ways you can reach and maintain good health for your entire herd.

Institute a Vaccination Routine

Vaccines are readily available that helps keep livestock animals in good health. Keeping animals in groups make the chances of a communicable disease higher and more probable without proper protection. Meet with your veterinarian and discuss the options for vaccines required for the health of your herd. Create a schedule and stick to the routine. Your livestock will enjoy a better quality of life for your efforts


Provide Plenty of Clean Water

Water is essential for all types of living creatures. Flesh is made up of mostly water and requires a consistent intake to digest and metabolize food properly. Not having enough clean drinking water can cause animals to slow down on food intake. You will begin to experience severe weight and health issues.


Keep Feed Fresh and Pest-Free

Place feed in a cool, dry space. Proper storage reduces the opportunity for mold growth. Ingesting mold can mess with the digestive system of your livestock. Keep it stored in containers or buildings that are impervious to pests and rodents. Rodents can cause disease and pests will render the feed useless.

Clean Enclosures and Environment

No one wants to step in their excrement. Keep all penned areas clean of feces as much as allowed. Clean up all biohazards and frequently wash containers for feed and water. Think of the cleanliness you enjoy to contain personal drinks and food. Your livestock needs a clean environment as well.

Monitor Health of All Livestock

Catching illness and injury early often proves to be a way to save the individual animal. In cases of a disease, it can save an entire herd. Get to know the typical behaviors of your animals, so you know when things seem off. Call a veterinarian if you suspect there is an illness lurking or there is a noticeable injury.

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