The job market is on the rise, and for many job seekers, it’s the first time they’ve been able to evaluate new opportunities in a few years. Not knowing what’s happening in the outside world can put a person at a significant disadvantage, particularly when they only apply to one company. However, applying with an employment recruiter gives the job seeker access to hundreds of different employers. Below are several reasons to use a Top ranked search firm instead of applying directly to individual companies.

Insider Knowledge of Companies

By working with client companies’ HR departments and dealing with job candidates from multiple disciplines, a well-networked and established professional recruitment firm can see past the first few pages of search engine results to give potential workers insight into a company’s culture and the job itself.

Knowledge of Interview Questions

Every company’s interview style and format are different. Unless a job seeker has had a previous successful interview, they won’t know what to expect. An agency will know how to get candidates ready for an interview, be it during the first, second or final round.

Continual Updates

Today’s job candidates are discouraged from calling line managers and HR departments for post-interview updates. However, a recruitment agency will provide good follow-up. A well-connected agency typically has a more direct line to decision-makers within the company, which can reduce wait times.

Savings of Money and Time

There are quite a few companies that make good money by formatting CVs up to industry standards. A reliable recruiter will provide such services to clients at no charge, and they can help clients reformat their skill sets according to the role for which they are applying. Specialists are more than just those who submit applications on clients’ behalf; they also provide coaching and advisory services to help clients achieve their career goals.

There are many reasons for job seekers to sign on with a recruiter, as opposed to submitting their own job applications and resumes to numerous companies. By considering these benefits, a potential job candidate can get the information he or she needs to make an informed decision.